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Is EDI A Social Media?

Written by Scott Koegler
Published on Friday, 15 October 2010
If we define Social Media as "Digital communication between multiple individuals or organizations in an effort to further the personal and professional endeavors of each," then the answer is "Yes." But there's certainly more to the story.





EDI obviously leaves out one major component; the personal side of the relationship. However, as our lead story points out, it may be the personal side of the equation that is the determining factor when it comes to really making EDI successful. As much as we may concentrate on the technical aspects and the details of the data, the final part of the success comes because we connect to each other.

This doesn't mean we need to tell each other the intimate details of our lives, but it does mean we need to communicate as individuals - and for professional endeavors, to communicate as professional individuals. So, I have two suggestions along those lines - actually, I have three suggestions.

  1. When you are having difficulties with your EDI systems, and the issues involve your trading partners, pick up the phone and discuss how you can work through the issues.
  2. Post your thoughts and comments to the articles on We know you have opinions about what we write. Get involved by using the Comments box below every article (like this one), and join the conversation. There are more than 60,000 people involved with EDI who get this newsletter. You may start a conversation that improves the way business is handled in your industry.
  3. Join the LinkedIn group where you can expand your professional profile.

Why not try #2 right now?

Scott Koegler

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