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Your EDI Payments - Exposed

coinsThere continues to be confusion around who pays the price for EDI. There are three answers to this based on the definition of the question.

E-Commerce here to Stay!

direct shipYou, my avid readers, may have been wondering what happened to my articles. My apologizes for Missing In Action over the last several months. I took some R & R during the summer but am now ready to share my observations and commentary again.

Comparing You With...

performanceWOW, looking at the calendar I'm amazed at how fast this year has already gone... it's nearly the middle of the year already. For many of you, your well into your 2012 projects so here's hoping all is going according to plan.

Purchase Order Acknowledgment - follow the EDI Standards or used in practice

received stampAs electronic trading continues to evolve, one of the areas of interest is with buying organizations wanting to get confirmation of the receipt of orders, on-going alerts on the order status and managing requested changes. What I'm talking about here is the use of the 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement transaction and the confusion on the expected use or interpretation of this transaction.

Living/Surviving in the New Economy - Managing Item Information

slowThe Economy is improving but at a much slower pace than anyone is wanting. Sears, a retail icon from the 50's and 60's, is struggling to the point that adjustments are now being made including store closures and layoffs. Changes are being made at the top for some other companies, like Christopher and Banks and realignments like Best Buy. With all this happening, it's imperative that organizations continue to find ways to operate their processes more efficiently.

2012 year of Collaboration

CollaborationWe're starting to see year end results from 2011. Many look promising but others still show struggles. It seems, from  talking with Retailers and Grocers, that they plan to continue implementing the strategies they started mid-2011. As companies continue to look at ways to improve operations to offset lower sales, an area of growing interest is improved partner collaboration. What does that actually mean to collaborate?

Who pays the price for EDI?

red-price-tag1There continues to be confusion around who pays the price for EDI. There are three answers to this based on the definition of the question.

Done with 2011 - Ready for 2012

another_year_gone_bytWell, it's another year come and gone. In a couple of weeks most companies will close out their fiscal year end. It's been an interesting year to say the least. Uncertainty around global economies being the biggest concern. However there are signs of good things that have happened during 2011, one of those being the change in mentality for companies to take a deeper look into their processes and implement several cost saving or efficiency measures to work smarter. Below I've recapped my observations -

Managing Order Updates

marlow1111tAs EDI continues to evolve, so does the thought of managing order changes electronically. In January I reported on managing PO changes through the E-Commerce Direct Ship/Drop Ship types of orders and for the last couple years I've commented on the status of communicating changes to a open order in general, so I thought it might be time for an update.

XML vs EDI, the Saga Continues

groceryEDIIt's been nearly a years since I wrote on the topic of XML as a form of EDI. Over the that time I've received quite a bit of feedback on that article, some of which was around what appeared to my biases on EDI standards. So I thought I'd address XML again.

Marlow's EDI Done Right

Marlow Atticus writes about the right way to use EDI and transactions in the supply chain. His 20 years' experience shows up in his frank commentary about how companies are using (and some times misusing) the transactions that drive the supply chain.

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