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Explosive innovation

explosive innovationKeeping up with payment system news, even that part of it restricted to North America, is more than a full-time job. So much has happened recently, though, that it's time for a survey of recent highlights:

Innovation in payment

process updateSometimes "The Payoff" writes about you. Sometimes it's about your customers. Installments like "Qthru Aims for a Different Self Check-Out" obviously apply to the many readers working in retail organizations: a better way to get shoppers through check-out certainly matters to you. Why waste space, though, on currency exchange in Malta or ordering pencils in Pretoria?

Predicting payment winners: deep complexity

google-wallet-xlI don't know, and I don't care.

Not exactly, but almost. A couple of weeks ago, reader Mike reacted to "Google Wallet: High Risk, High Reward" with sensible questions:

Google Wallet: High Risk, High Reward

200px-Google-Wallet-logo.svgGoogle Wallet has a lot to overcome. Not even a year old as of this writing, it has already weathered enough bad news to capsize less well-supported projects. Google continues to invest in it, though, and seems committed to sticking with Wallet until it succeeds.

JCPenney "all-in": RFID, M-POS, Self-Checkout, More

selfcheckoutJCPenney (JCP) CEO Ron Johnson promised to build on his successes as a retailer at Target and Apple to re-fashion the long-faltering department chain. Whether he's eventually judged successful or not, credit Johnson for a serious effort.

Innovation at check-out

checkoutline"I hate waiting in checkout lines" has its own Facebook page. So does "I Hate Self Checkout!!!" Are your customers stuck in those negative vibes?

Qthru Aims for a Different Self Check-Out

qthru-1-300x237Convenience is consumers' paramount value, at least as it has appeared in recent installments of "The Payoff". Seattle-area startup Qthru offers a new variant on the in-store shopping experience, with a priority on convenience.

Modest Ambitions

square-picture-300x283This week several news items speak to relatively modest ambitions of companies working in payment systems: rather than perfection over a wide domain, they seem to aim at incremental gains.

Amazon Grows Up, Pays Use Tax

amazontaxOne of Amazon's advantages over physical retailers has been that its sales have largely been free of state sales tax. That just changed.

Trends in Play: Consumers Crave Convenience

money changing_handsWorldwide trends--toward convenience, rapid action, digital integration, and away from cash--in payment systems continue to play out in the latest news. Here are a few items that reinforce the movements "The Payoff" earlier described in more detail:

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Cameron Laird keeps track of payment processing systems and the development of technologies that move money from one place to another. Payment methods are changing regularly and the supply chain relies on the timely movement of money. Follow Cameron's commentary to keep up with emerging payment processing trends.

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